How to Do Cardio Exercise to Lose Weight?

Do you intend to lose weight? If yes, then you should do cardio.

Cardio exercises are exercises that make the heart beat faster and increases blood circulation. These exercises are usually jogging, running, brisk walking, mountain climb, or treadmill and stationary bike.

Even though you like it or not, is quite effective cardio exercise to lose weight and also improve the overall health of your body.

The next question that often arises is when, duration, and what is the best cardio exercises to lose weight.

Ready to Get Started?

In order for you to love this exercise, then immediately begin doing cardio exercises. Start slowly, both in intensity and duration. This will make your body starts to adapt to your new activity. If this is done and you really want to lose weight, then you are faced with two options, namely to increase the intensity of your cardio workout or reducing calorie intake.If you do it directly, it is concerned that you may experience overtraining, or damage to muscle tissue

Cardio Exercise, Simple Ways to Shrink Stomach

Cardio Exercise, Simple Ways to Shrink Stomach
The best way is to start with cardio exercises slowly and then increase the intensity, frequency, and duration gradually and let your body adapt in advance.

What kind of Cardio Exercises Reduce Fat is Best?

Some call that cardio exercise with lower intensity but longer duration is very good for weight loss. Some are saying that with a cardio workout shorter duration but high intensity will give good results.
Obviously, the assessment will make you confused.

What kind of effective weight loss? Low Intensity, Long Form

Cardio exercise is usually done in more or less for 60 minutes or more. This exercise is usually referred to as Low Intensity Steady State (LISS). In essence, calories burned was largely derived from fat. Type any exercise, the intensity level is very important. It is also important to know that the lower the exercise intensity, the greater the percentage of energy derived from fat oxidation.

The only problem in this exercise is if cardio exercises are performed when the condition of the body in a catabolic state, then it will harm your muscles as energy. The solution is to move from a lower speed to higher speed but shorter duration may be a good choice.

High intensity, short duration

In recent years, this type of cardio exercise is so popular. The most effective form of burning fat is called High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT exercises are quick, then recover energy with low intensity.

However, there are still some people who avoid HIIT because they believe that all calories are released comes from muscle glycogen and not of fatty acids.

It is indeed true. However, many forget one important thing. Fat loss occurs through a process called lipolisiss. This lipolysis occurs during calorie intake exceeds energy expenditure.

Well, the most important is to create a calorie deficit if you intend to lose weight. This can be achieved in less time at a high intensity. Another reason is because the use of lipid after exercise can be improved by doing HIIT. This means your body will continue to burn fat even though some time after the workout.

In addition, HIIT workout can also be beneficial for your muscles. Intense cardio exercise will cause your body to release growth hormone (growth hormone / GH) which certainly helps you maintain and build muscle. Testosterone levels can also grow optimally by doing HIIT. During and after a HIIT workout, testosterone levels to be high and remain high after a few hours of training.

This is why HIIT become very popular both for those who want to lose weight and who want to maintain muscle mass remains solid and lean.

Then, Exercise Which is Best?

how to shrink the stomach
Both types of cardio exercise over very well you do. But should do HIIT several times a week. While LISS do not have to do every week.

Indeed, both are very effective to burn excess fat. But both have different paths. HIIT increases lipolysis which helps increase metabolism, while LISS burn fat and calories during exercise.

You should do is to do HIIT 2-3 in a week, and add LISS if necessary. Keep in mind, it would be the maximum weight loss if you also do weight training routine as much as 4-5 times a week.

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