9 Free Way for Constipation


Have you ever felt tired and at the same time the stomach feels full and bloated? When this happens, make sure you check the last time bowel movements.

Constipation is one of the main problems of the roots of widen waist circumference, restless sleep, as well as the skin so it is not bright.

Don't let this bother you until the problem dragged on. Eliminate constipation now using these 9 tricks, offered from Prevention, Wednesday (27/11/2015).

1. don't skip meals
"Eating stimulates a reflex that causes the rest of the food was getting forward down in the gut," explains Joanne AP Wilson, m.d., a gastroentologis and a Professor of medicine at Duke University Hospital in Durham, United States.
Give your body a boost early with breakfast always. The research stated that breakfast with protein content is able to help you avoid sugary foods that can trigger an increase in weight.

2. Consumption of fiber slowly
Fiber can indeed launch a waste of water, but too much fiber can even cause a bloated stomach, full of gas, and possibly diarrhea.
If the fibers are not too suitable for you, try the search function with the same replacement supplement.

3. Try natural laxatives
"If you feel a little bit uncomfortable because constipation due to travel, so that it could not exercise or eat enough fruits and vegetables, try Glycerin, fruit juice consumption wine, or milk of magnesia," said Dr Wilson.
"Sometimes Even a bowl of warm broth can make bowel movements come sooner," she continued.

4. Drink a cup of coffee
Research in the United Kingdom say caffeinated Cup of coffee can stimulate bowel movements. Although experts still mutually adu's argument on this point, the reality is indeed a lot of people that waste water be more smoothly after sipping a cup of coffee in the morning.

5. Drink enough water
Drink 6-8 glasses of water per day can make Your software so much litter, obviously Robyn Karlstadt, m.d., a Graduate in gastroentorologist Hospita, Philadelphia.
Make sure you always have a bottle of mineral water 1.5 liter-sized at the Office desk, and try to spend it before returning home.

6. Create a schedule for waste water
Wake up, shower, and immediately grabbed the breakfast on the departure to the Office may be effective for your productivity, but not with the issue of waste water.
Eating in the morning is like an alarm for your colon, which will wake him up. When want to waste water in the morning, the General the bathroom typically is not a conducive place.
Therefore, try to discard the water in the morning, in your own bathroom so quiet and completely.
"Usually the intestines ready to release its contents within half an hour after the first meal in the morning," said Nicolette Fransey, m.d., a Professor of medicine at New York Medical College.

7. Wait, do not strain
Trying to force Your feces out will not eliminate constipation. It will even be able to make things worse, because it could make you ill with hemorrhoid.

8. Raise the foot

"If you have constipation, raise your feet to the top of the short bench in front of the closet, and be sure to keep feet folded in position. This could strengthen the corners of the bowel, and launched a process of waste water, "says Jacqueline Wolf, m.d., a gastroenterologist and Professor at Harvard Medical School.

9. When all else fails, do exercise
Although experts have yet to really know the reason, but it turns out that exercise can spur the intestinal functions. Walking, swimming, and other aerobic movement for 30 seconds can eliminate Your constipation.
Just do not forget to drink enough water.

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