Anthrax: Deadly Diseases of Animals

Anthrax: Deadly Diseases of Animals

There is one topic of diseases that often appear on the Eid season. The disease comes from livestock, namely anthrax. You know, some kind of anthrax can cause death? Therefore, recognize exactly how the disease is transmitted and how to prevent it.

What is anthrax?

Anthrax is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Bacillus anthracis. The disease is mostly good attacking animals livestock (benign) or illegal. Anthrax is divided into several types, namely cutaneous anthrax, gastrointestinal tract (gut), lungs, and meningitis. Anthrax meningitis is a continuation of another anthrax carried by the blood to the brain.


Anthrax attack grass-eating animals (herbivores). Bacteria cause can live in soil for years. From where an animal can be infected with this deadly disease. However, this way can not be transmitted to humans because many seeds are needed to cause infection. Anthrax cases of transmission from human to human has not been found.

The majority of cases of this disease is that this type of skin anthrax comes from the touch of skin or open wounds on the animal patient. Intestinal anthrax is a result of the entry of bacteria into the patient's body via animal meat undercooked. Lung Anthrax is caused by bacteria that participate inhaled.


Anthrax is derived from the Greek word meaning coal because the skin is attacked will be dark, but not sick. These symptoms can appear 1-2 weeks after suffering from anthrax bacteria.

In the intestinal anthrax, patients experience abdominal pain, fever, nausea, and vomiting brown to black. In pulmonary anthrax, symptoms like the flu, but continues at trouble breathing. Keep in mind that the diagnosis of this disease should be ensured through a doctor's examination.

Be Cured

Luckily, the anthrax attacks the skin can heal itself. Some patients can be cured without drugs, but would be even better if the drug is given.

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Anthrax can be deadly if the attack is the type of anthrax intestines and lungs. In animals, anthrax is characterized by sudden death. Related lung anthrax, mortality occurs in 6-9 from 10 patients.


No need to fear because of the danger of anthrax infection is very small. Therefore, the vaccine is only given to those who are often faced with the risk. When handling animals anthrax patient, someone needs to use gloves, shoes, and apparel. Diligent hand washing with soap. Make sure you eat the meat has been cooked perfectly

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