Tips to Reduce Sugar Consumption

Reduce Sugar Consumption

Sugar has become part of almost all our lives. One could even say we are addicted to sugar. How not, almost every drink and the food we consume daily are full of sugar content. For example, fruit juices, coffee, tea, milk, yoghurt, bread jam, breakfast cereals and many more. Even drink soda equal to consume nearly 10 teaspoons of sugar (the maximum allowed limit consumption of sugar in a day).

Drinking sweet drinks indeed eliminate hunger. Especially if the drink is cold, tasted really fresh. If it is warm, it will feel warm the body as well as increase energy. In fact, drinking too sweet it will make to become more thirsty thirst again. Actually, for our bodies, sugar only increases energy, without the content of vitamins, minerals, fiber or anti-oxidants that you can find in natural foods. And what's more negative effect, the sugar can lead to obesity.

But of course it is impossible to eliminate sugar from our lives. Here are some tips that are fairly easy to limit sugar intake into our bodies:

  • Avoid instant products or packaging, including those made with flour. Eat foods in their natural forms, except canned fruit or juice.
  • Consume more fruits sweet as a substitute sweetener than sugar.
  • Stop the habit of eating your favorite sweet foods for three weeks. After the interval, your taste buds will change and your need for sweet foods will not be as strong as before.
  • Choose the sweetness of honey instead of sugar. In addition to a more natural, a lot of properties and the sweetness of honey is not less than regular sugar.
  • Control your urge to snack, especially sweet foods. For example if you want to eat a piece of sweet donuts, take a 15 minute break to think about food again, or switch to another activity.
  • Drink lots of water throughout the day. Sometimes we misinterpret dehydration as hunger.
  • Choose protein foods because it can be absorbed much longer than carbohydrates and create satiety last long.
  • If forced to consume sugar, choose a low-calorie sugar is widely available in the market.

After undergoing the above tips you may desire to consume sweet foods will be reduced.

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