The Ancient Secrets of Gorgeous Cleopatra

The Ancient Secrets of Gorgeous Cleopatra

Who does not know with Cleopatra? Maybe some people would have known about Cleopatra. Cleopatra was famous for her beauty. Even Cleopatra beauty also makes people very inspired to be physical charms.

Many people considered that Cleopatra was known as the most beautiful woman in the world. Well want to know the beauty secret of Cleopatra? Here we will present in the form of tips that make Cleopatra always look pretty, as reported by the

  • Facial Cleanser Rosewater

Before doing activities in the morning, it is advisable to use a facial cleanser using rose water. Perform this activity before you use make up beforehand. In the daytime, you can also use the rose water to clean the face. It is intended that the face looks brighter and feels cold. Besides giving the impression of cold on the face, rose water also has a fragrant aroma and fresh.
  • Honey is the best facial mask 
Things you should know, that the antibacterial properties also exist in honey. Raw honey has benefits both for humans and have antibacterial properties. Besides having antibacterial content, honey is also known as the anti-oxidant properties. Well here's anti-oxidant properties that can be useful for your skin. The anti-oxidants in honey is believed to prevent and treat acne. In addition to treating acne, honey is also effective to moisturize skin and prevent aging.
  • Milk bath
Activities undertaken in the affairs Cleoptra Cleopatra bath is often a blend of almond oil, soy milk, and honey for a shower. However, if you do not have soy milk, you can also use cow's milk. The trick pour three cups of milk, five tablespoons of almond oil, and half a cup of honey into the tub. If there is no olive oil, you can use the same with olive oil. Once mixed with bath tub and then soak. This activity is helpful to obtain the skin soft and smooth.
  • Apple juice
What do you know the benefits of apple cider? Apple juice is useful to prevent from hydration facial redness and improves blood circulation in the skin. In addition, other benefits of cider is able to prevent acne and regulate the pH of the skin.

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