Exercise in the gym and diet, two things inseparable

Exercise in the gym and diet, two things inseparable
diet and exercise

To lose weight, to lose diligently exercise and diet is the key. If only one is done, will certainly not succeed.The researchers say the fact that there is a health or often work out at the gym can actually increase appetite. Well, if the diet is not properly regulated it can make the weight stable or even rise.Therefore, controlling calories, coupled with increased physical activity, touted the key to maintaining or losing weight is.

Researchers from the University Chicago Stritch School of Loyola Medicine, Dr. Richard Cooper and Dr. Amy Luke has examined the relationship between exercise and obesity for years. As published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, they say that physical activity is very important to improve the level of general health and fitness."But proper diet also plays an important role. There is only one effective way to lose weight, which is to eat fewer calories," he said, as quoted by the Daily Mail, Thursday (08/20/2015).They added during physical activity has many benefits, some other evidence to conclude that an increase in physical activity should be balanced with the setting calorie intake.Other experts, Dr. Michael Mosley, said that today many people think that if you already exercise then you could eat anything. But this is wrong. Physical exercise also still by becoming balanced calorie intake if you want to lose weight

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